Livcell Celluler Custom Made StemCell™ Set

The revolutionary skincare set is tailored to the individual by taking a skin sample from back of the ear and making fibroblast replication. The product we developed with our innovative method is completely transformed by the stem cell of the individual.

Fibroblasts are initially collected after short and painless biopsy for 2-4 mm tissue fragments from behind the ear or earlobe. In 4 to 6 weeks, the quality and the quantity of these fibroblasts are enhanced in our GMP approved laboratories in Istanbul. Rich media from stem cells; containing epidermal growth factors, amino acids and vitamins are boosted. Then skin care products enriched with peptides and natural-based active ingredients are included in these components.

This scientific touch reactivates the skin renewal mechanism, repairs and regenerates your skin. Livcell marks the history of anti-aging and brings back your second and everlasting youth!

The set is made according to your daily skincare needs with your own stem cells.

  • Livcell™ Cellular Replenishing Fresh Lotion
  • Livcell™ Cellular Night Repair
  • Livcell™ Cellular Daily Premium Care
  • Livcell™ Cellular Firming Eye Cream
  • Livcell™ Cellular Youth Concentrate Serum